9 Easy Art Activities for Kids They’ll Love

Try These Simple Art Projects for Kids

Kids are naturally creative and always up for doing art. But, if you want to give them more art projects to do that don’t include just handing them a sheet of paper and some crayons, we’ve got the ones for you. These nine activities are sure to excite and challenge your little artist, plus they’re just downright fun!

Artsy & Fun Things to Do with Kids

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Finger Paints

What kid wouldn’t want to get their hands dirty? Finger painting is fun for all ages, especially when you get a set like this with 30 assorted colors to play with. Finger painting encourages creative freedom and helps build fine motor skills, but the kids won’t notice because they’ll be having too much fun!

Tempera Paint

These versatile, water-based paints can be used for all kinds of art from painting masterpieces to making potato prints. Your child will feel like a true artist when you squeeze the paint on a palette and let them brush it on a canvas. Best of all, they wash out of clothes and off hands.

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Colored Pencils & Watercolor Pencils

Kids draw all the time, so they’ll really love being able to add color with these colored pencils, which come in many different hues. For the watercolor ones, you can just add water and they’ll turn into beautiful watercolor paint for no mess, no fuss painting.

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Kids Watercolor Kit and Kids’ Watercolor Pad

Going on a trip or taking a vacation? Take along this handy watercolor set and pad and your child won’t miss a minute of art time. The set includes 36 colors, a paintbrush, and a water brush so they’ll be able to record their adventures and fun times with brilliant pictures.

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Kids Face Painting Kit

You don’t have to wait for Halloween or the next festival for the kids to enjoy face painting. Turn your child into a superhero or into a kitty with this safe face painting kit that comes with brushes, stencils, sponge applicators, and glitter.

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Fuse Beads

Think of the hours of fun the kids will have with 30,000 melting beads ready to help them make rings, keychains, pendants, 3D designs, character art, accessories, ornaments, and more. It will stretch their imagination while improving hand-eye coordination.

Fuse beads are not for children under 3 years.

Magnetic Letters & Numbers

For little ones who love to play school, magnetic letters can help them pretend to be the teacher while learning how to spell and do math themselves. They’ll be able to set up their “classroom” with a set that includes magnetic letters and numbers, symbols, foam objects, a dry erase board, dry erase markers and a magnetic eraser.

Markers for Coloring Books

Coloring books are a staple item in every toy box, but these coloring books are extra special. They have highly detailed designs, making them perfect for improving your little one’s ability to focus and pick out details. Use them along with some brightly colored markers and you won’t be able to tear them away from coloring.

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Scratch Art

These magical pages are so exciting to use. Every mark that’s made reveals tantalizing rainbow or holographic colors. You don’t need a pencil, crayon, or pen for drawing, just a wooden scratcher that comes with the paper. It’s mesmerizing!

With all the products here, you’ll have a safe, easy, and affordable way to give your child more ways to express their creativity. How much fun would it be to have a family art night or an art party for your child and their friends? We’d like to hear your ways of encouraging your child’s artistic side.

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